Steampunk clothing Australia is an up and coming must have fashion style for everything from street wear to parties and balls. Steampunk costumes now feature in Australian books, graphic novels, TV programmes and films, combining elements of Victorian dress with a more modern, liberated mind-set. The style is worn by strong female heroines in graceful skirts who still pull punches with their male counterparts and men with style and swagger.

Steampunk Clothing Australia Style

Steampunk fashion all started with the books of Victorian authors, and is now a blending of history with science fiction. The styling is undoubtedly Victorian, but with a modern, mechanical twist. The science fiction element means a costume is limited only by imagination.

Steampunk clothing comes in a variety of styles, depending on the look the wearer wishes to create. From traditional Victorian, to futuristic punk styling to a slightly gothic feeling, the final outfit really comes down to the type of passion the wearer has.

Current romantic elements in steampunk clothing Australia include hints of English Victoriana as well as traces of the American Wild West, such as the ruffle skirt dress, as well as outfits with a more piratical high-seas flavour like the steampunk corset and jacket and belt, designed from materials such as leather, velvet and richly-textured brocade.

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