Victorian Gothic Steampunk Dress

One of the enduring symbols of the Victorian era fashion is the ubiquitous corset. It almost finds itself in one form or another in every Victorian fashion item. The corset has many qualities that made it attractive to women during the Victorian times. Now it is equally desirable amongst the many enthusiasts of the Gothic and Victorian fashion: those who adore steampunk style.


For one, it enhances the woman’s femininity. A woman who wears Gothic or Victorian dress will have waists that are kept in shape thus bringing out their full feminine shape and enhancing their attractiveness. A lot of the corset design will incorporate plastic or steel boning in the design. In the olden times, steel boning was commonly used but this is still embraced by many ardent adherents of the corsets, particularly in the Steampunk genre. Steel boning generally helps in maintaining better corset shape than the plastic boning.

Steampunk dresses generally have many unique inspirations that create for plenty of variations if you are looking for choice in the marketplace. A lot of steampunk fashion reproduces the actual Victorian fashion as it once was. Some of the designs fuse these with modern fashion elements to create a very unique and interesting dress blend. On the other hand, other steampunk dress designs fully embrace the steampunk ideal and create dresses with unique embellishments including the futuristic steam and clockwork inspired additions. Such is the science fiction and punk influence within the genre. These can make for very ornate creations.

Some of the choices of steampunk dresses include Renaissance fantasy gowns, Black Phantom of the Opera gowns, the Mary Antoinette gowns, Pirate influence, Victorian Gothic flocked and non-flocked gowns, and many other custom creations. In many cases, designers will come up with plenty of blends in the design that draw from varied inspirations in order to create really unique and fashionable dresses. You would be interested in knowing the kinds of categorisation used by each design because the Gothic/Victorian inspirations fused with modern contemporary designs really gives designers wide latitude to bring out unique costumes.

It is important to have an idea of these inspirations so that you can easily search for your steampunk dresses online. Enthusiasts can also find plenty of accessories that will complement our dresses. Other accessories include the under bust coat jackets, neckwear, Steampunk waist cinchers, and much more.

Sometimes it is possible to mix many of the past and futuristic elements in your Victorian steampunk dress to create unique costumes.

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