Types of Steampunk Necklaces for Ladies

One of the main features of the steampunk jewellery is the creativity and the breadth of inspirations that you can find in the pieces. Steampunk draws deeply from the Victorian age when new inventions were the norm. It was an age of fantasy, science and exploration and all these often provide designers with rich sets of ideas with which to craft some of the most intricate pieces. Whether you are looking for some touch of traditionally Victorian attitude or even the bold industrial and steam-power inspired unique creations, you will find enough creations that you will be spoilt for choice. Here are some of the common types of steampunk jewellery which you can purchase in order to accentuate your look:-

The Steampunk Wing Necklaces

The Victorian Age was an era where both the idea of flight and fantasy collided. Later, for the first time in human history, the industrial revolution led to powered flights that took us high in the skies. With flight, we could now explore the world in a whole new dimension and even to escape for a little while. The aviator cap is one of the most iconic symbols of this era of experimental flights and it is immortalised in the steampunk genre with some beautifully crafted aviator caps that ooze a certain type of style.

But the age of flight is not just celebrated in steampunk costumes. It is also celebrated in the jewellery pieces which are steampunk-inspired such as steampunk winged necklaces. The wings in the steampunk genre represents freedom as well as the industrial movement that gave way to an industrial era and flight. It symbolises the medium through which you can explore things which are exciting and this is often boldly incorporated in the steampunk fashion in the form of the Icarus style wings and even angel wings. A lot of steampunk artwork and clothing and even jewellery celebrates this winged style making them a great accessory for your steampunk costumes.

The Steampunk Flying-ball Necklaces

This is one of the most legendary pieces of steampunk-inspired jewellery. Like in the winged necklaces, these also incorporate the Icarus wings and the Angel wings which are some of the most recognizable steampunk inspirations. It is a timeless piece and it has a hidden timepiece inside which adds to its intrigue and delicate design.

The Steampunk Gear Necklaces

What would the steampunk be without the gears and the cogs? They are so synonymous with the steampunk genre and can be beautifully crafted into your steampunk jewellery. You can have an elegant Victorian fashion influence or simply incorporate the raw power of steam-powered industry which was synonymous with the late 19th and early 20th century.

The gear necklaces can have very diverse steampunk influences. They are generally crafted like the inner workings of the clock which creates a very pure and vintage-industrial mechanical beauty in these pieces. The gear necklaces provide one of the best ways to accessorise your steampunk costume. They are preferred by those who are looking for those pure industrial-looking pieces of jewellery.  They are made with a chain of linked gears which are built in various shapes and sizes and they can also include various colours including gold, silver, brass, steel and even an antiqued bronze look. When these pieces are attached to each other, they create a beautiful and very unique mechanical piece. When it is beautifully and expertly crafted, you can wear it with all kinds of steampunk costumes. It is the perfect piece with which you can show your love and appreciation of the neo-Victorian era.

Steampunk Animal Necklaces

You might think that the steampunk genre is all about machines and raw mechanical power but animals also play a role in the genre. In the steampunk ideal, these animals are generally portrayed as industrial or mechanized versions of themselves. The Kraken, for example, has become a steampunk icon. The genre also embraces mythical animals found in some popular folklore.


The Steampunk Heart Necklaces

The heart symbol has within it a very deep meaning. It can symbolize love, companionship, friendship, sensuality and even femininity. For thousands of years, heart symbols have been exchanged or given out as gifts to symbolize love and friendship. People wear the heart symbol to express love for another person. With steampunk creations, you can add industrial and mechanical glamour to the soft touch of the heart symbol in order to express your love steampunk-style. You can also choose the heart steampunk pieces with a touch of vintage. These pieces are perfect for parties and also provide a good way to add some steampunk bling to your costumes.

Choker Necklaces

Of course a review of the steampunk jewellery collections would not be complete without a look at the steampunk choker necklaces. These are elegant and highly sophisticated pieces of fashion. Whichever way they are worn, they are bound to add a touch of glam to any fashion piece. The pieces are delicately feminine but they can be crafted with the mechanical and hard-looking steampunk fashion sense and inspiration without, of course, denting their highly sophisticated look.

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