Steampunk Pocket Watches

With the breadth of themes and inspirations which the steampunk genre draws from, you can expect millions of unique steampunk-inspired pocket watches out there. Each of these has an almost individual, unique character. While some may be simple and elegant, there are others which defy imagination. Some of these may be functional and be used for time-keeping but others are so intricate in their design that they are simply ornamental and do not have any functional uses apart from stylistic expression. They are too intricate to keep time. The genius in the steampunk watch design is to jam it with many intricate and complex mechanical constructions while still managing to fit all these into a little tiny pocket watch that you can carry around with you.

In the past, the pocket watch was the provenance of men as far as fashion went. It was carried around in the pocket for both functional and stylistic reasons. The more intricate it was, the better for the wearer who would most likely be using these timepieces as a fashion statement rather than a timekeeping device.

The Steampunk watch is the quintessential symbol of the Victorian old-world style and influence and it is therefore no surprise that it has caught the eyes of the steampunk adherents who deeply revere these old and vintage symbols and use them for their cultural and artistic expression.

Unlike their historical counterparts from the Victorian era and early 20th century, the steampunk watches are a little showier as you would expect. They fuse the diverse mechanical, industrial and vintage inspirations of the steampunk genre in order to bring out excellent and intricate craftsmanship that is guaranteed to turn heads even in the steampunk circles where everyone will probably be adorning some head-turning costumes and accessories.

Pocket Watch 108

The modern steampunk watch is well suited for both sexes. Both men and women will really enjoy carrying these intricate pieces. There is a great variety of sizes as well as styles that you can choose from. These can be in the form of the traditional pocket watch style, wrist watch or the miniature varieties which are even more intriguing and can be used as perfect decorations for your steampunk costumes.

Like in other steampunk inspirations, the designs can range from the simple to the uber-detailed. You may choose to have the ubiquitous antiqued and casual metal style. Some people prefer the showier and more intricate steampunk style in their pocket watch design. These are typically impressive in their construction and can depict a variety of steampunk inspirations, designs, themes or technological infusions amongst other steampunk imagery.

With the steampunk infusion in the design of the pocket watches, they are transformed from complicated pocket watches into tiny little pieces of really unique industrial and mechanical art. When purchasing these watches, it is important to keep in mind that not all of them are fully functional. Some of these are simply for decorative purposes. In fact, the more outlandish the design of the pocket watch, the greater the likelihood that it is simply ornamental. The steampunk watch retailers will clearly indicate whether the watch is working or simply decorative so it is important to read the labels and descriptions before you commit to a purchase in order to be sure that you are buying what you really need.

The steampunk pocket watch is a perfect accessory for accenting your style. Take a look at our range and choose what will suit your style, tastes and preferences. You can even buy them as collectibles too.

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