Handsome Pocket Watches for the Lovers of the Steampunk Style

Forget anything to do with the Swiss luxury timepieces. If you are a huge fan of the steampunk style, there are plenty of wonderfully crafted steampunk-inspired pocket watches that will boldly bring out your style and which you can keep as souvenirs for years and years. The best thing about these watches is that they are absolutely unique. It is hard to find two that look exactly like as each of these is uniquely crafted. Some craftsmen exceed themselves when it comes to the creativity applied in building these timepieces

Because the level of creativity applied, not all of the timepieces might be functional. Some are purely ornamental pieces but you can purchase them for the intricate way in which they have been crafted. Treat them like some very precious jewellery. If you simply looking for some pocket watches for your costumes, then they might as well serve the function of accentuating your steampunk look. One characteristic of all these pocket watches is that they are boldly mechanical timepieces that truly capture the fantasy Victorian genre. They take you to the mechanical world of gears and steam-powered machines in a very realistic way.

There are also plenty of clockwork and gear designs that you can choose from when looking for steampunk inspirations in your pocket watches. The designs are quite varied. Here are some popular choices for the mad fans of the steampunk style:-

Golden Pocket Watch

The steampunk genre is not just about iron and steel. It can also be a little gilded and the golden pocket watch is an example of that. When you have the steampunk art fused with gold, you can have one of the most beautiful steampunk-inspired timepieces that you can possibly imagine.  The inner workings of such a watch often have golden scroll works and this can be combined with beautiful jewels. If you find one that is intricately crafted, you can have a timepiece of incredible beauty and glamor.

Silver pocket watch pendants

The pocket watches pendants can be functional or non-functional types that almost blur the line between a pocket watch and jewellery. You can have one in your collection with polished silver and some beautiful embellishments.

Turbine steampunk pocket watches

One of the best ways to express the steampunk ingenuity is through the turbine steampunk pocket watches. These can be truly mechanical and not just pretty with metal and gears. They can incorporate a great deal of ingenuity and mechanical engineering on a micro-scale through a system of turbines which are powered by an energy source such as solar power.

Go completely industrial

If you really want to capture the true 19th century industrial aura, then you may choose to go gritty with your choice of the industrial steampunk watches that truly reflect the imagery of the age. There are plenty of ingenuous beasts of pocket watches that can capture that with steel and greasy look and not just some glamorous shiny and gilded look. These realistic and industrial pieces truly capture the steampunk aura.

Whether you are looking for the glamour or some rough and clunky pocket watch designs straight out of a 19th century factory shop floor with all the grease and grime, you can find lots of creative pocket watch expressions to capture your style in our Steampunk Emporium. Shop in there now.

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