Steampunk Jewellery Styles

From time immemorial, jewellery has always been associated with both class and status. The more jewellery pieces one had and the more elaborate the ornamentation, the higher the status that the individual held in society. Today, jewellery still symbolises status and prestige. The wearer takes great pleasure in adorning themselves with their favourite pieces including the rings, the necklaces, the watches or even some broach pins.

But there is another class of jewellery pieces which can be referred to as a sub-genre. These are the jewellery pieces which represent a certain sub-culture amongst a group of people. The steampunk-inspired jewellery pieces fall into such a category but it still serves the same purpose in these sub-cultures which jewellery typically serves in the more “mainstream environment”. Jewellery completes and accentuates the steampunk look.

With steampunk jewellery, you would be recapturing the elegance and glam of the late 19th century and early 20th century as you celebrate the steampunk ideal. This is generally crossed with industrial inspirations primarily based around steam-powered technology. With these inspirations, the steampunk trend has created some really unique fashion statements along with very elaborate and truly intriguing pieces of jewellery.

The pieces are not just rough and industrial with a vintage rustic look. In some cases, they can be quite delicate and really feminine. The look can vary based on themes which the designer wishes to bring out in the pieces. For example, you can have a post-apocalyptic look, an industrial look or even some science-fiction inspired pieces which adhere to the steampunk ideal.

With the steampunk jewellery and fashion pieces, you will be able to get a little creative and explore the various styles in which you can dress. Some of the steampunk jewellery can even be incorporated in the more conventional fashion designs to add some dramatic effect to your look. Some of these can truly create some extra glamour in the outfit which you are wearing.

The most common steampunk jewellery pieces for men are typically the steampunk pocket watches and the cufflinks but for the ladies, there can be a very diverse range of pieces that one can choose from. A great piece can be a beautiful steampunk choker necklace for ladies. The Gothic theme can have some highly versatile pieces that can be worn with various steampunk fashion styles ranging from the high collar Victorian dresses to the corsets.

Ladies can choose numerous other pieces of steampunk jewellery including the steampunk wing necklaces, the flying ball necklaces, the winged pendants, cog and gear necklaces, the industrial steampunk-inspired necklaces, animal necklaces and the kraken necklaces amongst many others.

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