How to Make Steampunk Jewellery

Like many other steampunk inspirations, the steampunk jewellery generally contains systems of gears and cogs as well as vintage parts that bring out the steampunk genre in the pieces. There are several influences which shape the steampunk style in these pieces such as the vintage aspect, rough mechanical hardware, science fiction and gadgetry. Sometimes, it is possible to see the soft touch of Victorian glam also incorporated in these pieces.

The most important factor that shapes the final form of any jewellery piece is the kind of inspiration behind the craftsmanship. In this genre too, it is important to clearly understand the important influences of the jewellery style which you want to have in the design. Once you have factored these in, it will be a very easy affair to choose the various components that you wish to incorporate in the design for your steampunk piece.

When it comes to that, there are lots of fun components that you will be able to throw into the mix. Because of the scope of creativity when it comes to the design of this genre of jewellery, there are plenty of creative embellishments at your disposal which will help you achieve a desired look. You can research the diverse steampunk inspirations in the sites such as Pinterest where designers upload some unique and very creative pieces for the steampunk fans.

When shopping for a steampunk jewellery piece, it is also important to choose the kind of theme that you wish to run away with. Common steampunk inspirations for your jewellery include the following:-

  • Steam-powered technology: This is the most common theme and it is where the genre derives its name.
  • Explorations
  • Discoveries
  • Innovations
  • The Victorian Style
  • Aviation inspirations particularly the earlier aviation innovations to do with the experimental flights and other innovations of that sort
  • Diabolical criminal masterminds inspirations
  • Time travel
  • Mysteries

Most of these jewellery pieces are generally crafted with Victorian and Edwardian inspirations. This will be seen in the heavy usage of the vintage-inspired components, the corset style, use of black and bronze, chains and cameos amongst many others. Another popular inspiration in the jewellery is the use of the vintage-inspired charms and various other items which signify the huge fascination with the Victorian era which many steampunk fans share. Where metal is used in the steampunk jewellery, it is always in the form of antique-looking or oxidised metals including silver, brass and gunmetal.

The genre also offers very unique ideas that you can use in embellishing your jewellery. To finish it, you can consider industrial-inspired, science fiction-based or even some creative touches to the finishing. Here, you may choose any of the following:-

  • Moving parts
  • A mini-system of gears and cogs
  • Add some vintage typewriter keys
  • Use of vintage and industrial looking embellishments
  • Use of vintage navigational gadgets and instruments such as compasses and astrolabes
  • Miniature bottles and vials
  • Some antique scientific items
  • Aviation and nautical components which are vintage-looking
  • Secret parts amongst many others

When designing the steampunk jewellery, these diverse components are generally spread around the piece in order to find the right fit and look which will be highly inspirational. The trend is always to make the jewellery piece look as intriguing as possible through various mechanical and vintage-inspired components. Another way to achieve intrigue in the steampunk pieces is to make the jewellery look like it is hiding a secret, some great purpose or even some unique ornamentation in the design that is not easily discernible.

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