How to Host a Smashing Steampunk Party

From a fringe subculture of the eccentric, the Steampunk genre has evolved rapidly into something which is now the rage amongst many people around the world. There is an increasing number of people who are now embracing the steampunk theme in various areas ranging from fashion to gadgetry and even parties. If you are planning for a party for any type of occasion, a steampunk theme would make the perfect complement. So how do you go about organising a steampunk party?

Steampunk Invitation Ideas

Every party begins with an invitation to the attendees and there are countless ways to add a little bit of the steampunk into the invitations. The steampunk genre is known for being something quite quirky and unconventional but even here, you can defy the unconventional and come up with really creative pieces for your party invitations.

For the party invites, you can go for the truly mechanical such as a system of gears and cogs on the invitation letter. For anniversaries and weddings or even engagement parties, you can fuse the theme of love and warmth with the mechanical or with a Romantic and Victorian inspirations. A unique invitation will leave lasting impressions in the minds of the invitees. Seal the invitation letter with a cog-wheel or a sealing wax that has a cog imprint in order to cap it all and set the stage for a truly impressive steampunk party.

Costume Ideas for Your Steampunk Party

There are many costume choices which are available for your steampunk party. These can range from the more elaborate in terms of the decorations used to the technologically sophisticated costumes based on gears and cogs. Common costumes for such parties include the Victorian Gothic inspired pieces that are generally designed with a great degree of detail. These costumes can also have some vintage accessories to accompany them such as the cogs, aviator hats, goggles, vintage or steampunk inspired pocket watches and even steampunk boots added to the accessories.

Other details which can be added to your steampunk costumes include lace, leather, steampunk jewellery, ornaments and various steampunk inspired metallic embellishments. These are what make the steampunk genre. The costumes are always creatively modelled around some inventions.

If you are in love with the aviator theme, you can choose aviator costumes such as the aviator caps or even the goggles that were typically worn at the turn of the century. Steampunk parties generally involve a little role-playing so you can choose costumes based on the roles that you wish to play such as a navy captain, aristocrat, pirate or even an adventurer. To get plenty of inspirations and ideas for your steampunk party, you can check out Pinterest or some of the popular steampunk websites.


You can go beyond the costumes in capturing the steampunk theme. Imagine ways in which you can add some steampunk décor to the party venue. These can begin with the marquee hire. Is there a marquee hire company that can bring steampunk or turn of the century inspired marquees to the party venue?

But you don’t really have to go 100% steampunk in terms of the venue décor. You may also mix these with modern and contemporary inspirations. You can decorate various aspects such as the lighting, chandeliers and even tables on the venue with some antique items. Common items that can be accessory to the interior decoration include the antique clocks, cars, steam trains and even mechanical cogs with “antique-looking” finishes. The mechanical feel of these items can be softened with some Victorian-inspired touch through Victorian fabrics, laces, light florals and many other items which can spot the dark, red and brown colours.


Is there anything like steampunk food? One way to capture the era is by looking for Victorian era recipes or tea parties and preparing something similar. High tea is a very Victorian event so you can organise these along with picnic foods in order to create a perfect steampunk feast for your parties. The parties are typically quite indulgent so no expense is generally spared. You can end up creating something really lavish and memorable.

Steampunk Party


Incorporate some old-fashioned games into the steampunk party such as board games, croquet or even play a Murder Mystery game. Whatever party you are planning to have, adding some steampunk inspirations is guaranteed to make it a true thriller.

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