Guide to Choosing Steampunk Fashion

The Steampunk trend, or subculture if you like, has gained wide popularity in recent years with many more enthusiasts joining in the experience. The other beautiful thing about it is the wide-ranging styles and options in dressing that it offers you. There are plenty of highly innovative options available for you in the market and it is important to know what is out there so that you can find something really distinctive and which appeals to your sense of taste and style.

There are plenty of pieces that fit within your quintessential Steampunk genre. If you will be shopping for any of these, it is important to know what you are actually shopping for and the many variations and inspirations which are available for you.  The most common Steampunk clothing items include skirts, the corsets and jackets. There is also an assortment of Steampunk accessories to complement the basics.

When you are planning to shop for your ideal Steampunk outfit, it is important that you first come up with a theme that you prefer. With Gothic and Victorian inspirations, there is a rich set of characters that you can draw from. You don’t have to stretch your imagination in order to come with something that is really distinctive.

Once you have developed a theme, choose the right colour and the right kind of materials that you will need for your Steampunk outfit. Don’t forget to think about accessories as you plan your outfit. These include the goggles, the boots, and the jewellery which can be inspired by the clockwork and the gears. They are a vital part of your overall look and need careful consideration prior to shopping.

Steampunk Elements

The Steampunk inspiration largely comes from the 19th century Victorian dresses worn by women and industrial style for men.

Most Steampunk dresses will integrate a corset. The corset may be designed as part of the dress itself or it may be worn separately over the dress or over a skirt.

When you are choosing your Steampunk corsets, you will be able to opt for a variety of styles. These include the under-bust, the over-bust, the steel bone corsets and the fashion corsets. These are amongst the most popular with the Steampunk fashion retailers.


For example, this picture above shows a bold design of two confident twins. The props are carefully modified and their corsets features a steam-powered clockwork design. The gear style fans really top off the outfit.

Wearing a blouse under the corset is a really adorable look for both characters.

You’ll notice too the ruffles on the skirts. Ruffles and flounce are an integral part of the genre and the colouring they have chosen really is indicative of the steampunk style.

If you are looking to create your own cosplay outfit in this genre, take a look at the variety of accessories and clothing we stock in our store.

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