Express Yourself with a Steampunk Hat

A steampunk hat offers the perfect way to bring out the pseudo-Victorian style in you and there are lots of stylish options you can choose from. These hats bring out an old-world and industrial look and feel to your style. Modern designs for the hats for both sexes enhance this look and create highly appealing pieces.

Some of the coolest steampunk hats generally fuse the old and the new. For example, it can incorporate some contemporary styles while retaining the esoteric touches of the Victorian and industrial look. The hats can be made from a great variety of materials in order to appeal to varied tastes as well as preferences.  Common materials used include the stiffened toppers, the fabric caps, fine leather and much more. With these diverse options, you will be able to capture the absolute look of the late 19th century Victorian gentleman or lady.

There are hat designs which are bold in look while others, including fascinators, offer a more subdued look. As long as there’s a mix of outlandish and grand with science fiction, you’ll find so many hats fit in with steampunk fashion collections. What is important is that you know and define your style and then you can shop for the ideal look.

Ladies can choose from great selections of steampunk-inspired hats including the riding hats which can be miniature hats or the more traditional kinds. These can be designed with various decorations such as ribbons, feathers, the floral accents, and laces. They may not go hard on the industrial look as much as the gents’ hats that can have steampunk inspirations and technological features such as mechanical pocket watches, gears, cogs, sprockets, turbines or even chains. Here are some examples of the range of steampunk-inspired hats that you can choose depending on your tastes and preference:-

Steampunk Top Hats with Goggles

The steampunk genre is not just about style but also utility. This is a functional and formal hat design that comes with goggles at the top of the hat.

Leather top hats

These tall hats can be made from black leather and various additional materials. They are still in the formal category of hats and true to the steampunk style, they can be kitted with various technological gadgets.

Flying caps

These flying caps were popular in the late 19th century and even early 20th century when many of them were used even during the world wars. Of course the flying cap must have some goggles to complete the look.

Eldorado Steampunk Hat

Looking for some Wild West villain or explorer hats with a steampunk twist? Then the Eldorado hats are perfect for you. A basic one like this can be dressed up with a few extra accessories to enhance the style.

Steampunk Hats

Aviator Caps

These are almost similar to the flying caps and they also have the ubiquitous goggles to complete the aviator look. Over a century ago, these caps were used by pilots in planes with open cockpits. You can find perfect replicas of these hats to capture the aviator look.

Vested Steampunk Caps

The Steampunk genre has some of the most unique of hat designs that you can find. You will find one in our store that suits you perfectly.

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