7 Ways To Accessorise Your Steampunk Costumes

Steampunk costumes, cosplay and street style is steadily gaining popularity in Australia. Chances are that you may get invited to steampunk style theme party. Your costume will depend on what character you are aiming to represent. The accessories which you are going to use are going to be of equal importance as they can either make or break the impression you are trying to create.

  1. HATS

There are so many different types of hats within this genre that your choice can really be the starting point to your outfit. Both men and women have a range of styles from romantic Victorian mini top hats to full gentlemen’s top hats, aviator style, the science fiction look right through to a wild west hat. As you can imagine, with a hat as the focus for your outfit, the rest of your look will naturally fall into place.

  1. SHOES

Shoes which give an industrial feel and are decorated with screws and gears will definitely produce the finishing touch to your outfit. The guys can go with safari boots, pointy more formal shoes right through to a rough and tough brown boot. For ladies, the choice is equally limitless. Simply add accessories to an existing pair of shoes to give them the steampunk styling you are looking for.

  1. BELTS

A belt will immediately transform an otherwise plain looking costume. Matching leather wrist cuffs can also be added to complete any outfit and enhance the steampunk look. Many of our belts offer a variety of styles, but you can even dress up your own plain belt with vials, gun slings or any range of science fiction accessories. Alternatively, simply use a plain leather belt to break up your costume.


The ladies will adore our range of steampunk fascinators. Designed with a variety of styles, they will enhance any outfit. The beauty of fascinators is they can be used on their own to dress up an otherwise every day outfit, or used as the icing on top of your costume for a fully finished steampunk look.



Think ruffles and bustle and mermaids and you are on track with this genre in skirts. Many women love the use of a skirt with a top rather than a dress as they can be mixed and matched easily to create different looks. The beauty of steampunk skirts too is they are often adjustable in size, so your measurements aren’t as crucial as they are to get a dress to fit perfectly.


Our store stocks a wide range of jewellery for both men and women. Obviously there is a lot more choice for ladies as we are able to offer everything from earrings to necklaces to slave bracelets. For men, the choices include watches, cufflinks and various types of wrist adornments to enhance your steampunk costume.


If you don’t know what a jabot is, it is a lace or fabric frilled ruffle that attaches around the neck. A jabot is worn on the the front of a shirt or blouse. The styling tends to be unisex, though some men prefer fabric to lace. A lace jabot however creates an amazing styling on men’s shirts, especially the ones that trail over the chest and are designed to cover the buttons on a shirt. This really offers a lot of options to upgrade a man’s shirt from boring to steampunk with the clip of a button to attach the jabot under the shirt collar.


Our Emporium or shop as it is known in these modern times, stocks a wide range of steampunk costumes and fashion accessories. Take a browse today.

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