4 Ways to Steampunk Your Style

I have always been fascinated with the steampunk fashion since I can’t remember when. But the sad thing about steampunk fashion is we have to wait for a costume or cosplay event before we can proudly strut our steampunk pieces for the world to see. But this shouldn’t be the case. So I will share to you some of my ideas on how to sport a steampunk look to your outfit whether you are at work, out to dinner with your friends or even when on a date.

Add some steampunk accessories to your regular office clothes.


This would depend on your office dress code. But if your office management allows it, for the women you can try wearing a leather cuff with your regular pants and blouse combo. Of course, make sure that your clothes match the steampunk accessory you’re going to wear. A leather cuff would match a white coloured blouse with ruffles. You can also try going for a black vintage choker instead of a leather cuff. For the gentlemen, you can try matching your office clothes with a steampunk themed satchel or go bold and accessorise with a pocket watch or a derby hat.

Go with a steampunk top and a non-steampunk bottom, or the other way around.

For the gentlemen, you can try a grey coloured plaid pants with a white tucked-in shirt with suspenders for a newsboy look, or try a suit combo with derby hat. Mix and match and see what combo suits you. For the ladies, a white ruffled blouse would go well with a pair of black pants or a black pencil skirt.

Steampunk your boots!

I think this is the easiest way to show off your steampunk style and you can do it every day. Grab a pair of steampunk boots. You can wear them to work, go shopping, hangout with friends or at home. There is a lot of steampunk boots available that will match your style, try knee high, high cut, ankle high, high heels or flat boots. If you have an old pair that you love wearing you can customise it and steampunk it yourself!

Lastly, don’t overdo it.

I know, sometimes we all get too excited and we want to go steampunk all the way or use too many steampunk accessories in our everyday look. If the occasion calls for it, then why not, right? But oftentimes we need to adhere to certain dress code rules in the office or other events so the trick here is not overdoing it. While we here all share the same love for steampunk fashion, we still have our individual tastes so my best advice is to trust your guts and get a feel on whether or not you’re doing it a wee bit too much.

Steampunk fashion is not as complex as a lot of people think it is. It is possible to look steampunk everyday with the right combination of your outfits and accessories.

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