How to Make Steampunk Jewellery

Like many other steampunk inspirations, the steampunk jewellery generally contains systems of gears and cogs as well as vintage parts that bring out the steampunk genre in the pieces. There are several influences which shape the steampunk style in these pieces such as the vintage aspect, rough mechanical hardware, science fiction and gadgetry. Sometimes, it […]

Steampunk Jewellery Styles

From time immemorial, jewellery has always been associated with both class and status. The more jewellery pieces one had and the more elaborate the ornamentation, the higher the status that the individual held in society. Today, jewellery still symbolises status and prestige. The wearer takes great pleasure in adorning themselves with their favourite pieces including […]

Recreating Victoriana with Steampunk Wings and Clockwork Couture

Want explore some winged clockwork couture? Steampunk fashion defies time and conventions to recreate for you the magic of the Victorian-age fashion. It is at the same time, futuristic in outlook and looks to a post-modern world dominated by the steam technology. Talk about reverse engineering. In fashion, the Steampunk ideal finds expression in many extravagant forms. […]